OK folks, as is my wont (at least while my subscription to Accessories Magazine holds out), here is the latest from the catwalks, dogwalks, and just plain strolls down the alley-way of what is being shown (pushed) for women's fashion for the next spring and summer months. Usually, Accessories just devotes a couple of pages to this sort of thing in the magazine; this time, they managed the Trifecta of magazine publishing (more copy, more editorial and more adverts) by actually producing a separate magazine and they plan to do this from now on...and charging separately for it. Sheer genius. You used to get it free with the subscription and now you'll have to buy a separate sub if you want the magazine and the Trend Reports.
OK, having set the scene...the fashion fairy tales (and as we know, these really are bedtime stories) this spring and summer, in order...(of what, I don't know)
1) French Riviera - if you don't like the look of white something plus something with stripes in either red or blue, you have missed the boat here(no pun intended). On the hat side, they are suggesting: crochet berets, straw bowlers (having seen the drawing later on, what they really meant was BOATERS!!), fedoras, buckets, and natty caps. The magazine also provides the colors that someone out there has tagged as being the hot items for these. In this case, they are referred to as rather fanciful names, but I'm going to interpret them because the name just doesn't do it for me: English Redcoat Red, powder pink, extremely light lavender blue, Navy blue, white, chocolate brown.
2)American Woman -- lots of 1950s inspiration here, complete with nipped in waists, shirtwaist dresses, pencil skirts - lots of tailored looks. On the hat side, they are suggesting fedoras (hmmm, I think I sense a direction here), though with some of what they showed fashion-wise in the photos, I think a block like the one Charlie used for that Basque beret, especially with some feathers or veiling and you'd have a winner with this as well. Such a thing as a straw beret? On the color side: pale yellow with a teeny bit of beige in it, kelly green (what, no pink with it?), deep sky blue, deep orange, beige with a bit of gold in it, blue black.
3)Ballet Movement (who comes up with these titles, anyway?) -- well, they can call it whatever they want to, but I'm (ahem) old enough to remember this stuff the last time it came around, in the late 70s and early 80s - think Gunnysacks dresses, lots of lace, puffed sleeves, ruffles ruffles ruffles and very pale colors. For hats, they are suggesting...nothing. Tsk, tsk. Looking at the pictures, I can definitely see clever white straw fedoras with stingy brims - with lace or satin overlays. again, small berets in pearlized colors with some nifty white or extremely light cream feathers arching off the tops and this stuff is definitely a place where anyone who is really good at doing hair clips with lots of ribbons, feathers, crystals, veiling etc., etc. can go to town. Who knows, maybe we will see a return of something I haven't seen since the last time this came around, the "bun snood" - which would be sort of one of the "planets alligning" things because crocheting is now being touted (the blush seems to be off the knitting rose now..guess too many people got bored with all those scarves and never graduated to actual sweaters). On the color side, just remember one word: pastels.
4) Country Charm - ok, folks, this has as much connection to country as Minnie Pearl's hat with the tag still on it. This is someone's fantasy of how very skinny women, who live in the country, and who have live-in help, dress..that is, if they want other people to THINK they are doing a riff on Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz movie from 1939. But, having said that (and being someone who does live in the country and who definitely has the healed broken toe from a 350 pound ram who decided to stand on my toe while I was trying to give him a bollus), I have to admit that there is stuff about this that I like: plaids and gingham, eyelet fabrics (sorry, part of me actually likes this stuff - it's very 12 years old and all, but that is the way of it), small prints, lots of denim. On the hat side, they are advocating: buckets, fancy straw weaves, floppy brims (too bad there). On the color side: a light yellowy-beige, dark forest green, rose pink, light greyish blue, deep sea blue, fushia.
5) Spice Market. This one, I'd have to say is sort of another riff on the ethnic thing that has been pushed (and pushed and pushed) for a while. Think peasant skirts and blouses, lots of embroidery, fabrics with texture, and a color pallet which runs a fairly narrow course from cream to...brown to rust. On the hat side, they are not suggesting anything, which is too bad..a good structured straw would upgrade this entire deal. Does not need a whole lot of trim because they are showing it with a lot of jewelry, belts, etc - ribbon bound brim and a ribbon on the hat band and you are good to go here.
I am going to make a guess here as to where I think the opportunity is hat-wise - I may be totally wrong, but I'll see what Adrienne and any of the other people who cater to the women's fashion market pitch in here. Women tend to buy hats for special events(unlike in the UK, where they also RENT them for special events - big business there in "hats for hire"). The first two fashion trends, French Riviera and American Woman are both two looks that can be worn to daytime weddings, and I think some good straws(or felt, if it's early enough in the spring), in good strong colors, would work well. Even in a fedora shape, stingy brim or no, this would work well. With a shirtwaist or tailored suit, I think a hat with a larger brim will work well here as well as a beret. The Ballet inspired look would work really well for a spring or summer late afternoon-evening wedding (these seem to be very popular now), which plays into the small beret with veiling/feathers or cocktail type headdress.
Adrienne - thoughts?