A friend of mine with 27 years in the hat supply biz has been talking About going in to the small quantity hat supply service.

Hatters and folks out there can you help by telling us what we(he) should stock? A comprehensive listing here would be nice for those of you that need supplies.

Going or considering opening up an old full service supply outfit like National used to be.

So some one add to this please with all you can think of that may ever be needed.

Grosgrain hat band Ribbon and in single hat lenghts with bow tied.
Bow ties
Sweat bands readed and not in all qualities Printed your logo or plain.
Reading tape
Stamping dies
Boxes/ring stays
Tip stickers (printed I assume)
Art work
Western Bands large assortment
Stiffner all differnt kinds
Water proofing
Rounding Jacks
Brim trimmers
Hot Block streachers
Hat Bodies
Oil silks for sweat bands ( plastic protectors)
Sweat band cutters ( profession for hat makers)
Full service hat equipment rebuilding, building and mfg.
Wind cord and buttons covered or plain
Button machines with cutting dies
Hat body dye
Gromets and setters
Stampede string
Water proofing
Hat powders all colors
Sand paper
Leuring cloth
grease cloth
grease for cloth
Flange cloth
Stainless push pins
Stainless band clamps
Band blocks
Hat Blocks
Hat shapers
Rubbers for Dorian pouncers and BG machines
Brushes Light and Dark
Hat cleaner Dark and Light

What else you post in in a list in a reply like my list and I will edit my post and add your stuff on till we get a full list. Any and all please add to this.