OK, folks, the November Accessories magazine arrived at my house and as I love to share (because running with scissors is NOT one of my best skills), and perhaps someone can make use of the info...I will provide my best review of hat-related stuff that is being promoted in this magazine (which, as I always like to remind you Gentle Readers, is a magazine for retailers - so what is being pushed in this magazine is what will be seen in stores for this coming Spring season - it may have no basis in your taste or mine, but from the aspect of hat issues, this might be of interest especially to anyone who does anything in the millinery line).
From a statistical point: there are 45 full page ads (lots of half and quarters, etc. but let's just work with the full pagers here), 8 of which either feature companies that make hats such as Betmar and Dorfman Pacific or feature models wearing hats. Styles range from very pretty straws in pastel colors to cloches with patent leather buckled belts as hat bands and straws with printed, sheers stretched over the brims and crowns with sinamay trimmings.
In terms of editorial copy, there is a two page story about a milliner from New York named Kokin, and shows a half-page example of some of his work.
There is an article with spring trends. In terms of hats and "hairgoods" - Crochet berets, straw bowlers (now, don't that seriously since I've seen hats described in this magazine as bowlers which are actually stingy brimmed fedoras..), Lace buckets and fedoras, riding caps, ruched crowns, fluted brims, fabric headwraps, scarf headbands, tortoise and horn hairgoods, pearlized trims.
And, let's return to the photograph of Mr. Kokin's straw hats and headpieces, both featuring what could perhaps be termed "the Carmen Miranda Treatment" - this style harkens back, I think, to the 1930s and 1940s, which are both big influences in the fashion these days and have been for a couple of years. There is a LOT of fruit hanging off these and perhaps it's a case of "too much of a good thing" for a lot of women, but it does give you some ideas for creative uses of trims - especially using the underbrim, which ordinarily is vacant real estate as far as women's hats are concerned, except perhaps in the Edwardian Titanic look or the Queen Mum.
I think all of this coverage can give us a bit of heart that a) more attention is being paid to wearing hats for 2007 as a fashion accessory for women (always a good thing) and b) the types and styles of hats have now expanded past the Brittany Spears stingy brim plaid numbers to items which can really be worn by females older than 22 and with everything from jeans and a pretty top to the ever-present "wedding outfit."
I think this rates three cheers.