Folks I am tired of all the folks that need a good quality hat and cannot afford top of the line custom hand made! So I am announcing. Our new 20 X hats. These are top quality fur blends and come in most any color imaginable. I will be posting pix soon enough but am just making them now. So bear with me and or get your orders placed now. These are satisfaction guarnteed hats and if you do not like them for any reason at all then you will be able to exchage them for any other hat we offer for a full store credit. Priced shipped to your door UPS Ground in USA is shown in th swapmeet complete including a nice hat box. These hats will be as is or advertised and will have a full roan leather sweat band readed and taped with ferrule and a nice bowtie in the rear just like our finest high end hats. They will have a full satin liner and the works. hat band grosgrain ribbon. These are not custom hand made but are flexible hats. You are allowed to have these customized for an up charge. These are premetalized and protein reactive died hats and not any low end dispersion dyed hats. We are offering a near endless variety and styling and colors combinations. We may not have all in stock to begin with and some may be a 2 week waiting period. These will be nice soft dress and mid range casual hats. These will put the quality of the Akubra and similar hats to shame.

Ask for details if you wish. This is a new program and we hope a suscessful one and yet it will be a little rocky at the beginning so please do not expect the premium quality or service of our custom packages as that is not what you are buying. Is the paypal address and also the email to inquire about these.