I have to say I finally got a decent nights rest last and that was the first in many a moon for me. I worked hard yesterday on the shop but did not completely over do it.

Today is the anniversary of my Daddy's death and yet some how that is a good thing as death is just as important as births and part of the cycle of life. I miss him greatly and yet see him in my son so much and to be honest in myself as well.

Today is also the birthday of a sister and it is a hard day for her as she has to recall Daddy dying this day along with Aunt Draxie that was close to her. She was dreading that Aunt Alma may die this day as well and just could not relate to all that. She seems to have a dreaded fear of death as does one of my brothers and I think both are just screwed up but religious fear that says there is some after life and they did not do the ritualist deeds to get to the better part of that after life or maybe they think their life on earth is not worthy of some better place. Regardless, I am sorry for their overwhelming fears and hope they improve.

Spring has about sprung here and I am sure the Morrell mushrooms are starting to peak out of the ground and I am going to make a commitment to hunt them the week end after this one if not this week end and maybe some more this year as I have really been missing out on them the past 5 years and need to catch up.

I look forward to a good day on the hat shop and a hat or two finishing out as well.

I look forward to the sunshine I hope comes up and warms the day and I just thank God to be alive and to have life and liberty and I thank my friends on the SBS for being the friends they are.

Today is bill day here and one we do not relish as it consumes a day of little hat production but recently we have cherished it as it gives us 30 more days to get the bill money again. :) Almost sad to work all the time and stay broke but I am glad we are able to work and work our way out of this.

Life is good.