In a life time of living some people have many regrets for the road not traveled or the one they may have taken. Such folks generally live in depression or dispondancy or are just plain cross, crass and miserable.

I have no such bad memories of my past. Please do not confuse this with the bad past that I lived and am not a shread proud of but to say I would change a thing about it is to live a lie now. While not proud of MOST not just some of my past, I would not change a thing about it due to I may not be the person that I am proud to be today.

Now what this post is about is not just finding my son that I looked for 22 years to find and engage and commune with but also find he is a developer for the Red Hat and specifically the Fedora devision of Linux. Yes he is a hat maker as well as I. We just wear a slightly differing version of hats is about all.

Now that said I have downloaded Linux a 100 times over the years and amazingly believe it or not got Red Hat 5.2 about the same time he did with one exception. I never installed it at all or learned it and he not only installed, learned it and fell in love with it but decided he had to get a job helping make and improve it and spent his life doing so and not has filled his dream.

I finally installed Fedora 10 on a VM ware a few days ago and sure enough, I understand why he loves it. Now that is not to say it is as user friendly as Windows as it may or may not be but Windows was never user friendly as Mac. Mac like Linux is a unix based program. Unlike Linux it is not an open source program.

What I have seen however that the default FREE as all of Linux distros for the non coorporate enterprize users are free, is supelrative to any I have seen costing 1000's . It uses resources intelligently and is not limited to 3 gigs of Memory like Windows is. I have had 4 gigs for years with the desire to have 16 gigs and not so long ago found out that I was never even using all 4 gigs I have now.

Sure there are bug and worts in the Linux yet and there is also version 11 coming out soon that will not be named Fedora any more :( .

However I do get to engage in the naming of the version after this one should my name be accepted if of course would be the Gladhatter release.

Anyways JB you would be proud of me to see me leaving Bill behind.

I know it will have to be a slow transition for me as I have to learn some basics first and then I have to also find some suitable programs or if Quick Books has a Linux version or not and also a few other programs we need here like UPS Worldship that I believe has a Linux version andUSPS shipper that may or may not have.

End of the day however will be that I WILL migrate over to this very powerful OS and leave Mr. Gates in the divorce but may have to keep him as a mistress for a time till full migration can come.

What I now find appauling is how a group of free developers has made an OS that is clearly superior to the one that made the richest man in the world and now I need to revisit some more just what riches are composed of.