I was alerted that we was again down to 50 hat boxes today. So i go to order me 500 as I do about every month or so as we use the sam box for our budget line hats and our custom hats. I found there was 2 problms , 1. The guy I usuall tack on to, was not ordiering any currently and probably not again so I could A. buy my own die and order 2000 boxes or B. I could order my own rotary die and order 5000 boxes. C. wait for some day when they run on that die again and tack on to that order again.

Well the 2 price increases now has the boxes at near 6 bux each plus printing of 1.50 each and the die just over 2000 bux and the total was over 30,000 just for the boxes and then I have to arrange shipping in a week or so when they are done. Now I cannot understand how folks think things are free of charge in the hat business. I really cannot understand how they think you get all this stuff for free. When I price fancy boxes at 30-60 bux a piece, I almost understand when hatters seek the 6- 12 dollar rabbit bodies they call beaver and sell them for 400 bux as hell they have near that in the boxes and storage bill for them.

No easy life for a small hatter. I will now call schiff and see if I cna get a couple 100 yards of ribbon but bet you a penny IO have to oder 3000 yards of it if some one does not have it on order already. This thing of spending 5 hours to dye a single piece of ribbon is for the birds.

Not complaining here just bitching and alerting all that think I charge too much for hats now why they are going to be more soon.