Many battles fought and the war still continuing here.

Two crown irons now packed and ready to ship. One sanbagger ready to go out.

My precious custom built steamer is packed and ready to go with fresh crate.

However just before it went we tested it finally and blocked Lou Cella a second time and got it right this time.

Blocked Hye Hat as well and those are the last two hats we will block with that precious steamer. I have to admit I will miss it.

Otherwise the battle on the home front is about won and we lost internet and camera batteries and Moshe did not get his hat for another day due to serpendipity and bad luck and miserable things but so it goes and we hope to ship it tomorrow.

Back on track and wishing I had better help and more arms and legs and also thanking God I have what I do have and life is good after all.


Gladhatter train is running and you can get on board, get out of the way or get run over.