The date on your post was from earlier this year, but I am new to the Sterling Beaver Saloon and I would still like to address your concern. As I live far from 'the center' of things in general I found professional development became a bit of an issue. The DVD's are a great way to see how another milliner works, often pointing out an improved method or a new way to do a procedure. Davyne Dial's DVD's are in my collection and they are excellent. It is much like attending a workshop without leaving home. Actually, she is an absolute sweetie and watching the DVD's is more like being invited into her work room with a cup of coffee, for a visit.
I believe Davyne was one of the finest milliners around due to her teaching the craft. Not saying she was the most creative or such but at least equal to the best on that end and then a teacher as well. A wonderful human being as well. I was going to meet her and then she disappeared and returned married and if I recall retired. She lives about 4 hours from me where my Dentist is at.