Turned my cover crop under a few days ago to allow it to freeze out a few bugs and begin to rot down.

Miked from www.victoryseeds.com is sending me seeds again this year and I will be sprouting ASAP for planting later on in a month or so.

Yes I may be a tad behind again this year but the plan is to buy jars and can that garden this year. We will see how that goes.

I sure plan on living out of it in the summer months. Will manage at least half if not all of it this year with out Dalia's kind help AHmemmm ...

I plan on a bountiful harvest and many good meals.

Trying to crate up 27 hat machines today and all this past week and hope to finish tomorrow and get some serious work done like some yard time with Trystan James and soon a Morel hunt in. I am digging this spring man!