Stan, I have likely been on about as much as you on this hat forum. We are one step and a couple days from now from finishing the upgrade that started a year or so back or all but the cosmetic features now anyways. Much has expired besides pass words and my brother.

Time mostly and I have to get back in the habit now that we have all this about done here.

I have photos of a dozen of so hats to add now to the gallery and an update email to send all our members and much more.

We have a full powerful user gallery now as well that functions much like the hat gallery and allows all users to host and show their wares and such.

Very powerful indeed. Many other fine features and most of, I am not even familiar with and will learn them with the rest of the members.

I do hope to get some cosmetic work and the long awaited spell checker installed some time if it does not already come with this version and me not know it. If some one does know please let me know.

We have added a few members but no real activity of recent.

I even have the virtual model working now ( working all but) I need to add some "Clipped hat images" to make it usable and that alone is a big job but imagine trying on every hat in the galleries some day virtually on your on photo you upload! Its all there already but the clipped art to power it is not yet done as that is a graphics man's function and not programming. It works really well however as far as I did test it.

Lots more to show and tell soon but working on the hat shop for now and trying to get moved in some time in a month or so. Wiring again today and tomorrow. Wish you was here to help me chase three stray wires that brother and I left unmarked the last time we worked on it over a year ago.

Oh well will be fun finding them tomorrow.

So much to catch up on here and some small things to add like a new greetings page similar to what we had in the old format but not yet available in this version.

Dew drop inn agan!

That should have read Announcement editor and not Greeting page above as we still have the greeting page but just no announcement feature as of yet. Not much of a greeting I suppose.