Each morning and most evenings, I check in to see who's at the Saloon. It's been a bit quite lately - probably cause we're all tending to business or some such.

I'm back at George Mason, school's long begun, and my fall routine is settling in. Probably the biggest thing on my mind these days is a big question I hear (in many different ways). That question is "what is America's place in the world?" followed by "what is my place in the world."

Now, these are being asked by students in their early 20's. What's been interesting is to see my generation (in our 60's) duck for cover. Seems as though our best answer is "well if you pursue the American Dream, you'll get a bigger car and a more expensive house than your folks had." Of course that's not holding up all that well these days.

On another front - I've had type II diabetes for a couple of years - and about a month ago, my doctor "fired" me. Claiming that I was too thick headed to do what he was prescribing (loosing weight and exercise), I now had to go to a doctor who specialized in weight loss. After 17 blood tests, and a urine test that required almost a gallon of yellow, it turns out I have what my new doctor called "excess carbohidrate storage disease." This is brought on because my pancreas produces massive amounts of insulin - much more than it can use. That sets off a chain reaction - and turns into fat.

What's the cure? The Atkins diet. He put me back on it - and the pounds are melting off. I was always worried that it wasn't healthy (too much protein and fat - not enough fruit and veggies) - but the good doctor assures me that for someone like me, it's the only way to go. And, it's now backed up by hard medical evidence that it's healthy - for those of us who produce too much insulin.

go figure. Had a big plate of bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast! NO TOAST, no potatoes, - they - according to my new doctor - are like eating a hand gernade with the pin pulled. At least for me.

How are you all doing? Let's get a post or two so that the saloon comes back to life.