Howdy, a brand newbie here with about a half-dozen hats--mostly shooting/sporting clay styles, most with a more western flair. Though I live in upstate NY, you will spot me with boots and a conservative western-style hat. The boots are worn a lot more than the hats, but I'm hoping with some encouragement from here, I'll get to be less self-conscious of that <3 3/4 brim up there.

First real hat: Mint 1940s Brooks Bros beaver top hat in its own Mark Cross fitted pigskin case; bought at an antique auction in Central NY years ago. Fit well, but I never went to another Inaugural to wear it. According to a calling card in the case, it belonged to a friend's Dad's law partner in a very prestigious Syracuse firm. (deceased).

Current Best Hat: New Ritch Rand Custom Sporting Clay in smoke with tooled leather band.

Current Fun Hat: Custom-made chocolate 100% beaver telescope by a guy (Charles) on ePrey

Most western: Churchill for Neiman Marcus 'Red River' in whiskey with fullsome (1970s) feather band

Most disappointing: New Stetson Sporting Clay, too big and not comfortable.

Most worn (not western): A couple of new Christie's from Orvis and an Armani that I suspect is a Borsalino.

Let's see what evolves here!

Albany, NY