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Thread: Spring has sprung!

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    Spring has sprung!

    Hi Charlie,

    I guess we finally made it through another winter, huh? It seems like they get longer every year... I guess it's probably because I'm getting older every year. My new knee is getting better all the time and hopefully I'll be able to enjoy the old cars and tinkering in the shop this year. My knee bothered me so much last summer that I didn't drive the old cars to work one single time. I didn't even get the old Packard out of the shop! I plan to do better this year.

    Have you made any headway on replacing your home that burned? I've worried about you quite often; but I guess there isn't much that I can do from this far away. I hope that you are making progress and that all will be well soon.

    Keep smiling,


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    Myron spring was late here this year. I think of you often as well. Think of that fine MC, I lost in the fire.

    Trying to get situated up here to start rebuilding now and also trying to remodel a cabin from childhood, I had built then. Hope to be back posting on the SBS soon.

    I am not sure of the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everyone .

    People that get on in this world are those who look around for the circumstances they want!
    If they can’t find them, they create them.

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    Hi Charlie,

    I guess fall has now fallen, huh? I'm glad to see that your forum is back to normal. For the last little while, all I got when I tried to log on was a warning that it would harm my computer if I tried. I hope that all is well with you and all those you hold dear. I see you're working on adding some other brands of hats to your sales site. That should be fun... I still wear and cherish the very first hat you made for me. The felt is like nothing I've seen before or since.

    Have a great day,


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