Folks after a devastating fire last November on Sterling Beaver Circle, I found myself in an awkward situation. I had no place to live and also hardly anyplace to make hats. I am rebuilding the old log house that I built at age 17 for a temp headquarters, hat shop and man cave for Trystan James and I. I am building back my burned home and also a new hat shop but it is an exercize in patience with limited help and budget.

We plan to be making hats soon. We also plan to finish the updates on the forum here and get the virtual model working and also be accepting orders soon.

I am over a year behind now on a hand full of orders and appreciate all that have indulged and your patience. We should be back up soon and churning out hats like never before.

Home phone is 276-926-4958 Biz is still 276-926-6423 but not often manned.

I am thankful and grateful for the abundance in the universe.