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Hi Charlie,

Wow! I definitely need to take a page from your book on losing weight... I've got to get serious and get rid of a bunch of it, that's for sure. It looks like the hat shop is coming along nicely. I guess it won't have quite as many bells and whistles as you were shooting for on the last one. At least for now, huh? I'm glad that life is treating you well and that you are still happy. You look great and sound great.

Keep smiling,

Myron, this shop is only a temp stop gap measure and a place to work out of. I am building a new shop from scratch up on Sterling Beaver Circle. It will be a unique shop that I get to design, lay out, build and then furnish it with 100% Gladhatter designed and manufactured equipment as well. It will have truly all the bells and whistles. I spent a fair chunk earlier this year on the grade work for it but I got it in so perfect. It is going to be a magnificent shop for sure. So well laid out that as a hat finishes it will skoot right on over to the last department and that is packing and shipping. So I will form a chain and at the beginning it will get a raw body that we may or may not pre or partly process in out back shop and it will send down the chain till it falls off in a box ready to ship. Ok that is a bit imaginary as there are no chains or such but you get the idea how a bit or organization and actually laying out a shop to encourage this would be helpful.

Myron, I hired an old friend master programmer of mine that I have known and raised him in fact since he was in college. Now he is a mature coder. He is recoding this forum from scratch, and also made the Virtual Model over from scratch. He is adding a mega ecommerce site and also a blog and museum. It is an agressive undertaking and will take about 8 months or so to complete. It will be written in a solid ASP.NET MVC code with Java Script and AJAX for heavy lifting. None of it will be open source like this crap is based on and none of it canned ahead. All 100% custom code that he can make do anything as he is a master. He wants to finish this up and then make apps as that seems to be the latest and greatest. He thinks a desktop solution is obselete. I do not agree. I think there is a large community of us old timmers that barely work a desk top and we surely do not wish to be viewing hats on a phone where Virtual Model would not even work due to phone limitations. Sadly he went a miss on me right before Christmas when he was about to publish an Alpha stage of all this but he always does dissapear before publications, I have noticed over the years. Not sure if it is anxiety or what causes this.

I am anxious to see it all working. He is supposed to bind up this crap and port it over as well to hold me over till I get the new works going.

big doings here Myron. My mass message module is busted on this forum for now as is most of it so I cannot message anyone to get them aware of all the doings. I am ready to get the old days of the forum going again.

I tried out Face Book but find it does not talk hats.