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Thread: Hello from a Newbie

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    Hello from a Newbie

    Hello everyone. My name is Daniel and I just joined the forum. I am a hat enthusiast and was glad to find this place where like minded folks can chat. I'm trained in the arts, particularly photography and currently work as an art administrator and photographer. I am an aspiring hat maker, though I haven't actually made one yet. I haven't quite gotten up the gumption or the skill to do it, but hope to soon. What's the best way to start/learn on your own? I've always loved hats and have had quite a few since I was small, and now I'm in my 30s and shave my head, so a hat has taken on a level of practicality and style that it never had before. I hope to (virtually) meet some of you folks soon.


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    Daniel, I am sorry that you will likely not get any much replies. The forum was hacked and is broken now still. It is under total rebuild from scratch not using any commercially canned code any more but instead has a compent advanced coder that I have worked with over the past 12 years rebuilding a mega ecommerce, blog, forum, virtual model and more all combined using the latest cutting edge ASP.NET technology with Java Script and Ajax for the heavy lifting. It is going to be quite an amazing site in about 8 months and many 1000's of dollars from now.

    I lost all to a fire back a couple Nov's back and the forum has went dormant for now. We will be back up booming here before long and do have some Alpha stage code to serve up soon all on a new MS cloud server but it is not ready for public consumption yet. Will patch together something before that and soon to work from but the coder has been bed fast with a serious viral issue for weeks now. Nasty Flu thing.

    While nothing replaces hands on training and self teaching is a fine way to increase, one would do well to set under a master for a time if at all possible. There are some fine Western hatters out there and some few of them as well make dandy dress hats. You will unfortunately not find much of anyone that has any real hat making knowledge anymore and even the famous ones you hear about are still learning it mostly with the exception of some of the Western hatters you will rarely find on the internet as they are old school --- the ones that know anything. If you find them posting on a forum or on the net, chances are with exceptions that they do not know beans about hats and are just spreading misinformation and some actually believe they know what is going on but reality is they have not a clue of how to do anything but sew a sweat band in a semi finished body and few of them that did not learn it here even knows how to properly install a sweat.

    I am also writing a book and starting a hatters college but it all takes time.

    You are welcome to call me by phone if I can ever help you in any way to increase your knowledge and I offer it freely to all that I have time to do it for.

    I am sorry that not a lot of resources are out there but if one has about 7 years and 16 hours a day to devote to it, you can learn to turn out a proper hat. In the mean time do not be dissuaded and do have some fun with it all.

    Here is a peak at what we are doing about now:


    General description. 2
    Discoverability 2
    CMS system. 2
    Settings 3
    General and miscellaneous settings 3
    Store Information. 3
    SEO Settings 3
    Security settings 3
    PDF settings 3
    Localization settings 3
    Full text settings 4

    Gladhatter ecommerce solution
    General description

    Ecommerce solution with an emphasis on easy admin configurations and scalability for future needs. Beside the main points of all around configuration options and easy scalability the solution allows for advance ecommerce scenarios.
    List of additional advanced solutions:
    · Shopping cart customization
    · Country Selection
    · Currency selection
    · Wish list integration
    · Built-in out of stock management
    · Discount support
    · Gift coupons support
    · Sharing through social media and email
    · Newsletter support
    · International support for multiple dimensional units
    · Easy multiple payment methods
    · Tax helpers
    · Multiple shipments methods further customizable by countries
    · Support for multiple accounts and owners of administrators of the website

    Since the main idea of the ecommerce is to support selling hats or selling services there is support for multiple vendors (multiple businesses selling under the same ecommerce solution umbrella)

    Based on the above requirements there is possible to integrate other branding on the ecommerce web site giving a single shop stop for a multitude of services similar on how amazon works.

    To facilitate user experience on the website a solution for support is provided supporting multiple support persons each with their own account serving customers as they arrive. Also a messaging system is in place to users to receive messages from any show vendor providing thus a direct channel for communication. This the ability to attach a blog under the same umbrella and the ability to allow users to seamlessly create accounts using their already available social accounts (Microsoft accounts, facebook, twitter, outlook, google, etc...) ease the quick access to the ecommerce solution for all users.

    Based on the need for a forum the final solution allows for sharing the same user data onto an forum and the ecommerce web site umbrella forum that will grow into an unique social sharing and discoverability solution.

    On top of the described tools there is also a CMS solution to allow easy content publishing on all the available medias: ecommerce, blog, forum

    To ease website discoverability all internals of the ecommerce solutions are built to be SEO friendly with care taken for canonical URLs, multiple options to decide the form URL and their manifestation. Since search engines workings are unknown to the general public there is no one silver bullet solution. Coupling this with the fact that the inner working of search engines changes over time (usually between 6 to 1 year) the option to rearrange some SEO options is made available to the administrator to better support future changes in search engines mode of ranking sites
    It is a well-known fact that conversion on a successful ecommerce sites is around 0.2% – 0.6%. This made a change in the way web commerce works. The metric of unique visitors becomes less important and the registered users with becomes the deciding factor since this allows direct communication and a more direct marketing solution.
    To allow for the visitors to be quickly turned in to users with registered emails in the system a visible on the side option for allowing the user to subscribe to a newsletter list is available. In the admin panel one can configure all the needed operations for periodic tasks that send newsletter to all registered users and the ones that opted for the newsletter section.
    Some users find it better if they can read about the products first before going to the selling portion. For this reason the administrator can easily create a blog and populate it from the same administration panel from where it can control all other options.
    Final solution will integrate with a forum that will transform into a social ecosystem in it’s own right for a different bread of storytelling.
    Since there is a lot of content to be made for the products, the services, the blogs, forums and the rest of the subcomponents a full blown CMS system is provided for the admin in the administrator section to allow for content creation.
    CMS system

    The CMS system is the one stop for the person creating new content for the ecommerce solution be it blog or services or product pages.
    Sub modules that can be used to generate content:
    · Poll maker
    · Allows creations of polls so user can voice their opinion
    · News item for spreading the word on new products or any kind of news
    · Ability to crate comments for the news
    · Blog posts
    · Ability to create comments for the content on the blog
    · Creating widgets for important and persistent data mining or additional information
    · Modal dialogs for sales promotions
    · Modal alerts for social sharing
    · Pages with content useful for presenting services or past successes
    · About page
    · Pages for checkout
    · Pages for conditions and terms
    · Pages for contact
    · Forum Welcome page
    · Home page text
    · Login registration informations
    · Page not found custom error messages
    · Privacy details informations
    · Shipping informations
    · Forum management
    · Editing message templates for all kind of situations from a centralized system (Complete list in annex 1)

    A list of available settings and their categories:
    General and miscellaneous settings

    Store Information

    Store closed: (true | false) option for temporary closing the store and then reopening it
    Desktop Store Theme: Public store theme for desktop (and tablets) version of the web ecommerce site.
    Allow customers to select a theme: Allow each customer to select his preferred theme
    Mobile device supported: (true | false) option to make the site mobile friendly
    Mobile store theme: Select the store theme for mobile devices (featured phones + smartphones)
    Cookie mandatory law information: allow cookie warning to comply with the law
    SEO Settings

    Page title separator: The page separator in the title. Search engines are changing their quick results based on this separator
    Page title SEO adjustment: (Page name comes after store name | Store name comes after page name). Useful SEO optimizations depending on the link building strategy (prioritize the store or specific products)
    Gladhatter Store: Default title for web pages
    Default meta keywords: Ecommerce solution global meta keywords
    Default meta description: Ecommerce solution global meta description
    Convert non-western chars: (true | false) keep only latin letters ignoring the accent marks
    Enable canonical URLs: (true | false) try to mark similar content on pages as canonical
    Security settings

    Encryption private key: key used in storing sensitive data.
    Admin area allowed IP: allow administrator panel for only selected ip’s
    Hide admin menu items based on permission: (true | false) hide or show admin options depending on the user permissions
    CAPTCHA enabled: (true | false) enable or disable CAPTCHA verifications
    PDF settings

    Enabled: (true | false) enable invoice as PDF for printing purposes
    Use letter page size: (true | false) change between A4 format and letter format
    PDF logo: an image printed on the invoice. Small size as possible
    Localization settings

    Use Images for language selection: (true | false) use pictures for language selection instead of names
    SEO friendly URLs with multiple languages enabled: (true | false) use …/en/… format for a more SEO friendly URLs
    Load all locales on startup: (true | false) When enabled all local resources will be loaded on application startup increasing starting times but decreasing subsequent page loadings
    Full text settings

    Allow for full text search: optimize for database supporting full-text settings

    I am not sure of the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everyone .

    People that get on in this world are those who look around for the circumstances they want!
    If they can’t find them, they create them.

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