Seems I just heard that it was the first day of Spring. I am not sure why time was developed or so sought after and wonder how things may change if time did not exist. I think I would need to live with the Moyen (sp) people to learn that trick.

So while I am stuck in a place where time is counted, I cannot think of a nicer season to enjoy it in. I used to love the Fall of the year and I still do but youth giving way to age makes me now cherish the new beginnings that spring has to offer.

As I did with last year we had an early spring weather wise here not time wise and I got so much done allready I hope I have not burnt out for the rest of the year.

I so look forward to getting to wake the morning and step out bare foot and not freeze the feet on frozen ground. I look to the trees leafing out and getting lucious and green.

I am only sorryful for the folks that live in the city and just have no idea of the heaven on earth of a country spring.

Well yall write about it and I am going to enjoy it now.